An initial consultation includes a first laser treatment (one zone) which is free of charge.


Diode laser hair removal


We are working with the medical diode lasers by Asclepion laser technologies, which has operated for over 40 years as a leading German company in the market for aesthetic and medical laser technology.

Hair removal with the high power diode laser MeDioStar by Asclepion laser technologies, is safe and gentle. For more information, please visit asclepion.de.


The diode laser is a very gentle laser, which can quickly treat large areas, such as the legs or back. In doing so, the laser beam penetrates the tissue and destroys the hair root with the thermal response. The skin remains completely untouched and protected. The photo epilation, however, reaches the hair only at their current, respective growth stages,. Hence, multiple treatments are necessary. The big advantage of laser hair removal is that hair removal is possible for almost all skin colors.

The treatment

Per session/treatment the hair reduces approximately 20%, which means that the treatment interval is 6 to 8 weeks. No laser treatment can guarantee a 100% hair free result, since there is always some hair growing back here and there.  


Irrespective of which laser is used to permanently remove hair, mild to moderate pain must be expected. We apply a cream based anesthetic to the regions to be treated. This results in a local anesthetic and the pain will be blocked at this point.