Laser therapy

 An initial consultation includes a first laser treatment (one zone) which is free of charge.



Permanent hair removal with the diode laser for men and women! Thanks to a completely new technology, it is now possible, regardless of hair and skin color, to remove unwanted hair, whether fine or solid in significantly fewer sessions than conventional IPL systems.


How does diode laser hair removal work? 

In the case of hair removal with a diode laser, larger hair regions are treated with longer pulsewidths. The pulse radiates energy to the hair root, which is then converted into heat. The local heat leads to the destruction of the hair root. The destroyed hair roots do not regenerate and there is no regrowth of hair!
The diode laser, which is only slightly painful, is currently considered to be the most effective and safest device for the permanent removal of hair. It is particularly well suited for dark and deep-rooted hair. Thus, the hair removal on men is possible as well.

The treatment with the diode laser causes only slight pain because the epidermis is protected from excessive heat by cooling itself.

The diode laser in comparison:

Alexandrite laser


The Alexandrite laser is suitable only for dark hair and light skin, because in addition to the hair root, the melanin (pigments) in the skin is heated. For dark skin, this overheating can cause blisters, burns and pigmentation problems.

Nd-Yag laser


This laser is not suitable for successful hair removal. The Nd-YAG laser-light penetrates deep into the skin and can selectively destroy the hair roots, but also may damage small blood vessels. Melanin absorbs ND-YAG laser energy inefficiently.

SHR-(Super Hair Removal) Laser


Treatment with the SHR–Laser uses a motion that is similar to that of ironing clothing. The SHR–Laser is passed several times over the skin area being treated. The hair root is heated to a maximum of 45º Celsius, effectively destroying the stem cells. In order to achieve satisfactory results with this method and depending on the age and skin region, a temperature of 70º Celsius is required. In order to obtain satisfactory results with this method and depending on the age and skin region; additional treatments may be necessary.




With the IPL method light is sent in a very wide spectrum. To achieve a satisfactory result with the IPL method, up to 15 sessions are necessary, depending on the person and body region, because the light is by far not as deep as the laser. As a result, it is common, that unwanted hair returns.